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The Fitness Mill Group PT

Are you a coach of a local sport team? Does your team need to improve their fitness/stamina? Or do they need to increase their strength? Well at The Fitness Mill we have qualified trainers that will push your team to their limits. We have worked with a lot of teams and seen so much improvement within their fitness, endurance and confidence. Interested? Well call us today for more information 0113 2575367!

Bramley Rugby League U16’s

Bramley Rugby League came to us last year and since then the full team have made a drastic change to their fitness, stamina and strength. When they first came the team were out of shape and were not lasting a full game of rugby.

This is James and he has progressed aesthetically and mentally. Before he did not have the confidence to play a full game of rugby he used to watch his team play from the side-lines. After a few months training his confidence improved massively he started playing and recently played a full game.